Septic Do’s and Dont’s

Many people do not think about their septic system until it backs up or stops working. The Pumper would like to give some common sense rules about your septic system. Here are some comments and rules that will help your systems function properly. One of the keys is maintenance, which means regularly pumping your septic tank every 2-3 years.

  1. Conserve water

  2. Direct downspouts away from the tank and absorption field

  3. Pump your tank every two to three years

  4. Use grass and shallow-rooted plants to cover the field

  5. Use household cleaners in moderation

  1. Construct decks over the tank or absorption field

  2. Dispose of diapers, sanitary products, coffee grounds, or paper towels down the drain

  3. Drive heavy equipment over the tank or field

  4. Plant trees/shrubs near or over the absorption field

  5. Pour gasoline, paint thinners, grease, or harmful chemicals down the drain

  6. Use garbage disposals, which can clog the field. 

Exclusive Carrier of Drain Free

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